Our Mission

To identify, nurture, and advocate for the next generation of high-performing point solutions,
to drive better value in the healthcare marketplace.

Our Vision

Connecting patients and purchasers to high-performing solutions that facilitate significantly better health outcomes and/or lower costs than conventional approaches.

What Is High Performance?

The concept of “high performance” originated in the business world as people started to study organizational excellence. While the term may seem somewhat nebulous, it’s simply about trying to understand what factors contribute to extraordinary success. In other words, it’s a conceptual framework for organizations that leads to improved, sustainable organizational performance.



For nearly a decade, Brian Klepper has been dedicated to finding and vetting “high-performing” healthcare companies. These organizations consistently deliver better health outcomes and/or lower costs than conventional approaches, particularly in high-value niches like chronic disease, cancer, musculoskeletal conditions, specialty drugs, and maternity.

The foundational principle here is that a few healthcare firms have developed profoundly better ways to manage care and cost within high-value niches – e.g., management of chronic disease, musculoskeletal care, cancer, surgery, maternity, specialty drugs. If we can identify these firms and certify that they’re in fact better, then they represent game-changing resources for patients and health plans that continue to settle for conventional care, unnecessarily suffering poorer health outcomes and dramatically higher costs.

The first challenge in seeking high-performing healthcare organizations is developing a credible methodology that allows their accurate identification. There are questions embedded in this. For example:

Proven Health was developed as a specialized consulting practice focused on credibly identifying and working with high-performing vendors. Once we have formally reviewed and certified that a vendor is a true high-performer, we work to connect it with healthcare purchasers and other entities that bear healthcare risk – e.g., employers, unions, health plans, stop-loss carriers, healthcare captives, and work-site clinic firms.

The evidence is clear that far better healthcare is achievable in the US now. We believe that high-performing health plans are within reach that will cost 25% less than plans cost now while delivering substantially better health outcomes. That can begin by choosing healthcare management companies that are proven to get better results.

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The high performers we have identified have developed solutions that represent new paradigms within their spaces, or they have made critical management modifications that dramatically improve the existing paradigm’s effectiveness.

If you have a proven high-performance healthcare company, we want to help you gain traction in the growing value-focused market. We seek organizations that can demonstrate that they’re best of breed within their niche, and that can help us understand what they do differently to achieve superior results. For firms that believe they should be identified as high-performing, we offer a rigorous assessment process and a credential for those who succeed. Those who do not attain the certification receive explanations of why they did not pass as well as recommendations about what they can do to succeed in the future.

We do not comment on companies that are being evaluated or that have been evaluated but have not achieved certification.

Do you think your organization is truly high-performing?

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Our Process:
1. We will contact you within two business days to send you a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for signature.

2. Once the NDA is signed, we will request your marketing materials, with an eye toward understanding:
• The problem(s) you solve in the healthcare market.
• Your solution.
• How your approach is different.
• Your target markets.

3. When we receive this information, we will schedule a one-hour free consultation to learn about your effort in more depth, and to talk through how Proven Health can help you achieve your goals.

High-Performers Portfolio


Healthcare is vast, but in the constellations of companies that specialize in managing the quality and cost of care in different niches, a small few have learned how to get spectacularly better results. Proven Health is dedicated to finding and validating best-of-class advanced primary care and specialty organizations that guarantee superior performance, particularly within high-value niches, where the money is. 

Healthcare’s value-based marketplace is gradually getting traction, and the rate of adoption is accelerating, but it is chaotic, with a very high noise-to-signal ratio. So, to be noticed, it is critical for vendors to be perceived as true high-performers. For early-to-mid-stage vendors,that means demonstrating and certifying better outcomes than competitors, and costs that are reliably lower than the savings they’ll facilitate.

For organizations that carry healthcare risk – e.g, employer and union health plan sponsors, employer captives, stop-loss carriers, Accountable Care Organizations, fully insured health plans, Medicare Advantage, and Managed Medicaid plans – Proven’s vendor portfolio represents a toolbox comprised of companies that have demonstrated and will guarantee improvements in health outcomes and lower costs.

And for organizations dedicated to managing the risk carried by their clients – e.g., third-party administrators, worksite primary care clinic firms – Proven Health can significantly enhance their risk mitigation results, making them far more competitive in markets where a value-focus is intensifying.


Brian Klepper is CEO of Proven Health LLC and a nationally prominent health care analyst and commentator. He speaks, writes and advises extensively on the management…

Pamela Willis is a seasoned, resourceful, and results-driven Healthcare Marketing Strategist offering an uncommon blend of analytical and creative talents, Energetic…

Chuck Smithers is a healthcare finance and operations specialist, with particular expertise in care management, wellness and prevention programs, physician practice…

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