AI-Driven Precision Prescribing for Chronic Condition Management

Problem. The most consequential failure (and therefore the greatest opportunity) in US healthcare’s clinical management processes has been its inability to manage the major chronic conditions that consume 80+ percent of total healthcare spending. The metric of interest here is “control,” meaning the percentage of a condition’s population with clinical values “at goal,” within acceptable limits.  Currently, the US control rate for Hypertension is 44 percent. Diabetes is at 10 percent and Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction is at 1%.


The high spending associated with these conditions results from avoidable health events – e.g., heart attacks, strokes, amputations, emergency visits, and hospitalizations – related to the inaccuracy of prescribing. Appropriate prescribing can require simultaneous consideration of 50+ variables – e.g., patient demographics, co-morbidities, drug classes – generating hundreds of millions of possible permutations, with levels of complexity that exceed human cognition, especially within a 15-30 minute physician visit.

Solution. This vendor has developed an AI-driven tool that connects to a medical practice’s electronic health record, allowing it to access the key data elements that must be considered. Then it calculates the identification of the most appropriate drugs and dosages for that individual patient, guiding the clinician in prescribing optimal medical therapy.

Results. In two pilots with sizable primary care groups, the tool’s use facilitated 94 percent control of hypertension patients, with stable, extraordinary results in low-income, high-risk populations as well as more rank-and-file groups. To our knowledge, no other chronic condition management effort has yet achieved comparable results.

This organization now seeks implementation with organizations that can share longitudinal claims data that will allow it to measure clinical and financial impact across populations and enterprises.

Market Differentiators.

  • To our knowledge, unique in the marketplace. There are not yet other tools focused on improving prescriber accuracy in chronic disease management.
  • To our knowledge, the most effective and scalable chronic disease management approach currently available.
  • While still speculative, it is reasonable to believe that this tool facilitates very significant improvements in health outcomes and total cost of care.

Target Markets. Any provider organization carrying healthcare clinical/financial risk:

  • Health systems.
  • Physician practices.
  • Advanced primary care firms.
  • Employer sponsors of worksite clinics.
  • Accountable Care Organizations.

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