An AI-Based Ideal Medical Assistant

Problem. Physician practices have become overwhelmed by the intensifying clinical and administrative demands of patient care, compromising patient-clinician interactions, data collection, risk identification, and diagnoses.


Solution. This organization has developed a patented and clinically validated AI-driven Ideal Medical Assistant™ that dramatically streamlines and improves patient intake, risk identification, the diagnostic process, and documentation. A digital human avatar, in a voice- and image-based conversation with the patient, collects an in-depth personal and family medical history. It performs comprehensive risk assessments based on hereditary, lifestyle, social determinants of health, and preventative measure utilization. It documents it all in an easy-to-read format and absorbs SOAP-formatted clinical notes before the patient is seen by a physician.

Results. This vendor’s application lets physicians improve productivity and workflow to get the right diagnosis more easily and earlier. In its first pilot, in an inner-city Miami clinic, it achieved 90% patient satisfaction, a 44% increase in at-risk patient identification (e.g. Mental Health, Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease), and reduced time for interview and chart patients by 66%. In a second pilot in rural Alabama, it eliminated missing patient data from the EHR, increased the identification of at-risk patients by 67%, and increased coding levels by 17%. This is a comprehensive solution for physician workflows, surpassing the range of more limited point solutions in the space.

Market Differentiators.

  • Comprehensive Medical Assistant functions encompassing patient/family history data collection, risk identification, diagnostics initiation and EHR documentation.
  • Proven to reduce intake time.
  • Proven to improve diagnostic accuracy.
  • Proven to enhance coding revenue.

Target Markets. Any provider organization carrying healthcare clinical/financial risk:

  • Health systems.
  • Physician practices.
  • Advanced primary care firms.
  • Employer sponsors of worksite clinics.
  • Accountable Care Organizations.

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