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An open letter to Congress: Is health care at a tipping point?

Employers’ health-care costs are about to get another huge hit that could destabilize the health care power structure, driving massive change.

How to Choose a Fertility Vendor

Does your company’s health plan offer fertility benefits? What’s the case for making these services available, and what issues should you consider in choosing a vendor?

We Must Prescribe Drugs More Accurately

At the end of September, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) for the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released an initial report on the U.S.

Where Health Care Value Can Lead

It seems inevitable that, in the near future, an innovative health care organization – Let’s call it The Platform – is going to seize the market opportunity of broader value.

Op-Ed: Make Patient Care About Value, Not Volume

After the coronavirus pandemic and our stalled national economy, it is America's runaway, intransigent, and immensely influential healthcare...
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Tying Health Care Investment to Performance

GoodRx’s planned initial public offering recently made the news, notable because the company, launched in 2011, has been profitable since 2016.
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High-performance’ health innovators could improve outcomes, lower costs

A particularly pernicious American healthcare myth holds that costs are out of anyone’s control.

The Gold Standard for Current Cancer Treatment

A couple of months before Elaine died from peritoneal cancer, we hired Anila, a cheerful, hearty Albanian housecleaner. On her first visit, Anila saw that Elaine was bedridden. “Kerosene can save her,” she said.

Primary Care as a Platform For Full Continuum Health Care Risk Management

Abstract: Health care clinical and financial risk is a multivectored problem, requiring multivec- tored solutions that extend beyond primary care. Worksite clinics have emerged that leverage