Brian Klepper PhD

Brian Klepper is the CEO of Proven Health LLC and a nationally prominent healthcare analyst and commentator. He speaks, writes and advises extensively on the management of clinical and financial risk, high-performance healthcare, and on realizing the potential of primary care.

His current focus is on high-performing healthcare organizations that deliver measurably better health outcomes and/or lower costs than usual approaches in high-value niches and, how, integrated with advanced primary care, they might be configured into turnkey comprehensive high-value health plans that can disrupt the status quo. His clients include leading and emerging healthcare firms specializing in management of chronic disease, musculoskeletal care, fertility, maternity, cancer, surgery, drug procurement, specialty drugs, pharmaco-genetics, performance analytics, and AI tools for primary care, medication management and streamlining medical practice.

Dr. Klepper has been involved in several transformative healthcare efforts favoring patient and healthcare purchaser interests. His 2009 testimony to an HHS panel resulted in the revocation of an industry group’s monopoly on Health Information Technology certification. In 2010-2013, he spearheaded a national effort, culminating in a lawsuit against CMS and HHS, to expose the AMA’s RBRVS Update Committee’s (RUC’s) role in subjugating primary care and in distorting the US’ care and cost patterns.

Brian is an active contributor to the healthcare trade press. He is a reviewer for the journals Health Affairs and The Journal of Ambulatory Care Management, and serves on the Advisory Boards of several healthcare organizations, including The Validation InstituteThe Health RosettaThe George Lundberg Institute, Eli Lilly, and Aligned Marketplace. He serves on the Boards of Healthcare Performance, Inc. and People One Health and MedZown.. He is Founder and Moderator of The Healthcare Benefits Hackers listserve, a vibrant professional discussion forum with more than 1,100 participants focused on healthcare value and high performance.

George Washington University’s Masters in Health Administration Program ranked Brian’s writing, archived at Care & Cost, the top 2016 blog by a healthcare professional. Feedspot named it a 2017 top 100 healthcare blog.

In August 2023, The Health Rosetta, a national organization dedicated to facilitating practical health care reform, honored Brian with its lifetime achievement Champions in Transparency Rosie Award, recognizing his “work to usher in system-wide health care transformation.”  

In his spare time, Brian is an offshore sailor.



The Move to Value - Rosetta Fest 2023

Brian writes and talks on the topics of high-performance healthcare, the future of primary care, and the intersection of clinical and financial risk.
He believes that high-performance healthcare is the future of the industry, and that it is possible to achieve better health outcomes for lower costs. He is particularly interested in the role of primary care in this transformation, and believes that it is essential to reestablish primary care as the center of healthcare power.

In his work, Brian is available to speak on the following topics:

• What is high-performance healthcare, and why will it matter?
• Why and how primary care will become the center of healthcare power again
• How healthcare can be about managing clinical and financial risk
• How we can arrive at high-performing healthcare, with better health outcomes for 25% lower cost

Dr. Klepper is a highly sought-after speaker on the topics of high-performance healthcare, the future of primary care, and the intersection of clinical and financial risk. He has spoken at conferences and events all over the country, and his audiences have consistently praised him for his insights, his humor, and his ability to make complex topics understandable.
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• He is able to tailor his presentation to the specific needs of your audience.
• He is a highly experienced speaker who has spoken at conferences and events all over the country.

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