In 2018, Brian Klepper founded and began to moderate a professional healthcare discussion forum (or listserv) called The Healthcare Benefits Hackers that is comprised of more than 1,100 employer benefits managers, employer benefits consultants, innovative vendors, physicians and other clinicians, attorneys, accountants, journalists, lobbyists, policy experts, and academics, all discussing healthcare news of the day, but particularly focused on value and high performance. The topics vary widely – from the Consolidated Appropriations Act and what it will mean for self-funded health plan sponsors, to the advanced primary care model and whether they’re getting the impacts on health outcomes and costs that are possible – but are courteous and respectful, and it’s fair to say that many of us learn a great deal from others on the forum. Many of the participants are quite prominent, and range from operatives at major health plans like Kaiser to boutique law practices that specialize in ERISA issues. It’s a terrific tool to stay abreast of value-related healthcare news, which figures prominently into many of our work lives

Joining the listserv is free and easy – just fill out the form below.  Many members meet new colleagues on the listserv, and get together for socials at major conferences like the thinc360 and Health Rosetta

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