High Quality, Efficient Care for Mild-to-Moderate Acuity MSK Conditions

Problem. Musculoskeletal (MSL) and orthopedic problems consume 20+% of total US health spending. Largely due to weak a diagnostic framework, as much as half of the procedures in this space are known to be inappropriate. Said another way, 2.0%-2.5% of the US Gross Domestic Product is spent on MSK care that was unnecessary.

Solution. Over the last few years, the health benefits marketplace has been flooded with a range of musculoskeletal management vendors,


most of which offer virtual care based on traditional physical therapy and orthopedic practices. This organization is aimed at the low and medium acuity cases that consume as much as ⅘ of total MSK spend and has developed a discipline-agnostic approach that begins with a symptom-checker, an orthopedic coach, and then, if warranted, connection to a virtual or face-to-face orthopedic specialist.

Results. Proof of concept with a State Employees Health Plan, demonstrating:

  • A 38% reduction in orthopedic services utilization,
  • A great member experience (NPS 80), and
  • Significant savings ($1,100 per engaged member).

Market Differentiators.

  • A front-end agnostic full-spectrum orthopedic solution – they do not sell or benefit from PT, imaging, consultations, stem cells, etc. – that connects with patients when they need help, guides them on the road to recovery, wherever they are, and stays with them until full recovery.
  • Immediate answers to patient’s two most pressing questions when they have an orthopedic injury or a chronic condition: (1) what do I have and (2) where do I need to go?
  • Manages and is accountable for the low and medium acuity orthopedic problems that are predictable and episodic, and that represent about 75 – 80% of annual orthopedic cost.
    • When indicated, navigates patients to their plan sponsor’s (or TPA’s) preferred/high-value networks for imaging, bricks and mortar Physical Therapy and orthopedic consultations.
  • Easily integrates into existing EHRs.
  • Willing to guarantee results.

Target Markets.

  • Purchasers (Employers/Unions) carrying health care risk.
  • Healthcare Organizations – e.g., health plans, TPAs, captives, stop-loss carriers, primary care organizations carrying risk or responsible for managing risk.

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