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The concept of “high performance” originated in the business world as people started to study organizational excellence. While the term may seem somewhat nebulous, it’s simply about trying to understand what factors contribute to extraordinary success. In other words, it’s a “conceptual framework for organizations that leads to improved, sustainable organizational performance.”

evaluating and advocating for organizations that excel in managing healthcare clinical and financial risk

For nearly a decade, Brian Klepper has been dedicated to finding and vetting true “high-performing” healthcare organizations that consistently deliver measurably better health outcomes and/or lower costs than conventional approaches, particularly in high-value niches.

In broad brush, our clients include organizations dedicated to:

Why choose Proven Health

Organizations that carry healthcare clinical and financial risk – e.g., employers, unions, healthcare captives, stop-loss carriers –  or those responsible for managing healthcare risk – e.g., TPAs, primary care clinic firms – have every reason to identify and work with healthcare vendors that have developed more effective management approaches within high-value niches – e.g., management of chronic disease, musculoskeletal care, imaging, surgery, maternity, cancer, specialty Rx, provider networks, high-cost claims – that currently have mediocre-to-poor quality and drive excessive health care spending.

Typically, the high performers we have identified have developed solutions that represent new paradigms within their spaces, or they have made critical management modifications that dramatically improve the existing paradigm’s effectiveness.

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